traditional vallarta architecture

Whether you’re a young family seeking a spacious vacation home, or someone about to embark on retirement, Rivera Cuale has something for you. Rivera Cuale is the ultimate place for your new dream home.

Rivera Cuale has set a new standard of quality in Puerto Vallarta, offering top of the line products and specifications, and blending traditional Vallarta architecture with modern touches and comforts. Unique safety and security standards have been employed from the ground up, incorporating innovative solutions in structure, design, fire safety, exterior materials and interior finishes.

many floor plan options to suit your lifestyle

Rivera Cuale offers several unique floor plans ranging from 959 to 3,983 square feet, with 1 to 4 spacious bedrooms and 1.5 to 4 bathrooms. Most units have a bonus den/TV room and a large terrace with beautiful views that offers the ultimate outdoor living space.

Choose from Contemporary or Traditional Mexican elements to finish your home to your preference.


design elements

  • Cool, smooth marble and granite of the finest quality
  • Tropical woodwork throughout units
  • Built-in closets and shelving
  • PVC window frames with faux wood finish
  • 6-mm glass window panes
  • Strategic window placement for unobstructed views
  • Mini-split air conditioning


general specifications

  • Top quality marble floors
  • Generous floor to ceiling height in all living areas
  • Solid closets and doors made of local wood that works best for coastal regions
  • Thoughtful floor plan design for abundant natural light
  • Cross ventilation from the cooling breezes to keep air conditioning consumption low
  • Passive site plan design orients the buildings in the most efficient solar orientation
  • Trash chutes from service stair landings
  • Direct entry from elevator to unit

special features available

  • Additional luxury marble, granite and stonework
  • Automated window shades
  • Multi-room sound system
  • Wet bar
  • Interior design services
  • And more