Rivera Cuale is committed to sustainable development

green features
Living green means taking a good look at every aspect of our lifestyles, not just our food and travel habits. It starts with our residence.

Rivera Cuale is an eco-friendly residential community based on LEED principles (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.) From green building techniques and materials to endemic landscape design that enhances the natural surroundings, Rivera Cuale is designed to harmonize with nature.

green features

Green buildings save

  • 30-50% of energy
  • 35% of carbon emissions
  • 40% of water usage
  • 50-75% of waste from landfills
  • $58 billion of sick time from work annually
  • $180 billion increased annual worker productivity

Source: USGBC / USA facts
Almost 50 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, come from buildings; 27 percent from residential dwellings.Grupo Zeiba is committed to building beautiful homes while helping to protect the environment.

Green benefits

Going green is choosing to make a significant impact in the battle against global warming. Sustainable buildings use key resources like energy, water, materials and land much more efficiently than buildings that are simply built to code. They also create healthier living environments, with more natural light and cleaner air. Sustainable buildings are cost-effective, saving taxpayer dollars by reducing operating and maintenance costs, as well as by lowering utility bills. Soon, it will cost less to insure a green home than a standard home. An increasing number of insurance companies offer discounts on policies covering green homes. Similarly, several mortgage companies offer discounted loan rates for buyers going green. The value of a green home is often higher than that of a comparable standard home, and the market demand for green homes continues to rise.

Making the choice to protect the environment

Green Benefits


  • Riverfront retaining wall built from recycled tires to reduce carbon footprint, use of concrete and contaminating materials
  • Construction with fiberglass reusable moldings instead of polystyrene blocks
  • Garden composting of organic waste
  • Community education on sustainability, recycling and waste reduction

Green Features - Recycling

Energy Conservation

  • Building orientation and design capitalize on natural cooling from prevailing breezes, large shaded terraces and high ceilings
  • Daylight naturally brightens interiors through abundant, well-placed windows
  • Low energy lighting in common areas
  • Energy-saving appliances
  • Solar heated swimming pools



  • Water-conserving fixtures and WCs
  • Native plant species in gardens for less water consumption
  • Automated irrigation for gardens and landscape features


  • Local suppliers, contractors, materials and furniture used whenever possible to support the local economy and reduce transportation
  • Scenic riverwalk and landscaping regenerate, protect and conserve endemic species
  • Trees and natural features on site protected during construction

Whatgreenhome.com reviews eco-friendly homes for sale in the UK and abroad, and provides news, opinion and features on sustainable property development worldwide. Rivera Cuale has received 4 green ticks and a highly commended kite mark, which puts it in the top 15% of all developments profiled.