A huge proportion of the North American population either has arrived at or is approaching retirement age. Recently AARP named Puerto Vallarta the Number One place in the world for North Americans to retire. There are many reasons Puerto Vallarta was chosen: proximity to US & Canada, quality of life, lower cost of living, relaxed lifestyle, and climate. But by far one of the most significant is the availability and quality of healthcare. This is a very real concern to all, especially as people move into their 50s, 60s and older.

As far as quality of care and level of expertise of the doctors, nurses and technicians here, just read the many letters to editors of Puerto Vallarta’s English newspapers and you will find rave reviews of patient experiences. There are several first rate hospitals, all located no more than a 20 minute drive from downtown Vallarta, with easy access from Rivera Cuale. These hospitals feature state of the art equipment; ambulance service is staffed with professional EMTs as well.

Most amazing to visitors is that they can usually see a doctor the same day they call for an appointment, or if they need a specialist, no more than a day or two later. Most doctors here are bilingual and have done studies abroad in their specialty.

Some very significant health news today in Mexico is about a very important movement that began right here in Jalisco by a full-time resident. He was previously an aide to a US Senator before moving to Puerto Vallarta, where he owns and operates a small hotel. Being familiar with the ins and outs of legislation in Congress, he formed a group about two years ago to lobby the US Congress to do a pilot study with an eye to recognizing Medicare for Seniors in Mexico where the largest population of North American expats in the world now live. His premise is that the US government could save up to 30% of medical costs to Medicare for people using the system in Mexico. To date he has lobbied more than 100 legislators.


Medical tourism has become a thriving business worldwide, and no place is more accessible to North America than Mexico.

Cosmetic surgery is a very popular elective, and much less costly here, and has attracted a large number of both women and men.

Dentistry also ranks very highly in Mexico, and the cost is significantly lower than up north, also with the very latest in techniques, from implants to zirconia crowns.

Countless people have come to Mexico specifically for the significant savings and quality of care for cosmetic surgery and dental work, which are so much more affordable here; for most people, these procedures are not covered by their medical insurance in Canada and the US.

In regards to medical insurance, there are many specific policies for expats living abroad, and in many cases, a one year policy can cost what one might pay monthly up north for coverage. And reasonable deductibles, as well as endless options are available.

High quality healthcare in Puerto Vallarta is here to stay, as baby boomers age and continue to attract the best health practitioners to the area. That’s a major factor to add to the growing list of positive reasons to make a move to Puerto Vallarta for a great quality of life. On top of that, Rivera Cuale offers some of the finest and most convenient living conditions within the city and its great location encourages a healthful lifestyle.