Owner from Long Island, NY, USA

Owner from Long Island, NY, USA

Very often, visitors to Rivera Cuale ask, Where are your owners from? Rivera Cuale offers highly desirable homes, so not surprisingly we attract a good breadth of people to our property. Most of our owners are from the United States, and so far we have a good handful from Canada and Mexico as well.

The Rivera Cuale owners generally are people who have long been dreaming of being able to live in Puerto Vallarta, either full-time or permanent part-time. They love this unique Mexican town with its tropical climate, natural beauty and authentic culture. They choose Rivera Cuale not only for its high quality and affordability, but largely because it is close to all that makes Puerto Vallarta special and exciting, and because they can live the authentic Vallarta lifestyle.

We asked our owners questions about why they chose Puerto Vallarta, and why Rivera Cuale. To see what they said, please visit these pages on our News site:

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Here is a sample of what they told us:

“We fell in love with the warmth of the people, the rich culture, outstanding cuisine and wealth of activities in Puerto Vallarta.”

“Rivera Cuale provides the perfect location. It is situated in a quiet serene setting along the banks of a beautiful rushing river, surrounded by authentic local flavor yet only minutes away by foot from a wide array of excellent restaurants, shopping, nightlife and a short walk to the Malecon.”

“The quality of construction and attention to detail is top notch. We also appreciate how green initiatives were implemented in so many aspects of the property.”

“We appreciate being part of the Puerto Vallarta Mexican community instead of being separate and isolated. We can easily walk to almost everywhere we need to go and feel comfortable and safe.”

“The value, design, quality and location couldn’t be beat!”

“The architecture of Rivera Cuale is beautiful and unique and takes advantage of the location with its large decks offering sweeping views of the hills and town. The look of the interior of the building and the units has a great attention to detail and has both a modern and traditional Mexican feel.”